Ahmia blacklists sites containing child abuse material from its index. This list contains a masked version of all hidden service .onion addresses that have been added to the Ahmia blacklist, and is updated whenever Ahmia blacklists a new .onion site for abuse material.

Blacklist information

Hidden service names are masked by creating an MD5 sum of the onion name plus a new line. For example, if the onion is abcdefghijklmnop.onion, the resulting hash would be c50b9578b6357a561909ff29331ad7ad. This way it is possible for researchers and administrators to check if a site has been blacklisted from the index without making the .onion hostnames easily accessible.
To calculate MD5 of onions run the following command :
echo -e "abcdefghijklmnop.onion\c" | md5sum

Blacklist hash data is available for raw text download here. You may use this in your own search indexes to remove abusive content.

Banned Hidden Services

A man-in-the-middle fake clone detected!
Right onion address starts with msydq and ends with zerdg.onion.
Find real address from ahmia.fi